We Offer

Custom clearance & Importation

With 20 years’ experience in pharmaceutical industry, we thoroughly master all regulations and processes of custom clearance and importation.

Inventory management

We deploy the complicated integrated application to optimize inventory management by reducing the stock keeping to the acceptable level to leverage our capital flow. With 2 GSP warehouses and 1 cross dock, we standardize our stock keeping conditions to meet international requirements.

Dispatch & Delivery

Our coverage distributes to more than 11,000 pharmacies and 1,000 hospitals across 54/63 cities and provinces nationwide. We ensure to dispatch and deliver at the committed time and quality.

Credit collection

By deep understanding local operating market, we proactively classify the appropriate credit terms and flexible credit collection methods for customers which always go through risk management assessment as financial requirements.

Sales analysis

ERP management software system has been applied for all business related functions. With this standardized system, we are able to tailor sales report and analysis based on various objectives. As our coverage is adequate, our sales data could be seen as a relevant sample for market overview analysis reference.