We Offer


Since we are experienced and knowledgeable in this fast-growing but complex market, we effectively promote your products to hospitals, clinics and pharmacies from urban to rural.
We are confident in category and product management, brand building and merchandising.
Our tailored promotion mechanism activates the market needs to get both sales volume and brand awareness.

Hospital Tender

We have pioneering hospital key account team to handle all hospital tenders starting from updating tender inviting information, tender confirmation and submission, tracking and following up tenders result while other preparation steps are carrying out. We are confident in consulting you on tender regulations and experience, tendered products and price, out of stock dealing, drugs committee approach for products enlist.
Our long-term relationship with authorities and hospital team give us more opportunities to identify the gate-keepers and any problems related. As a consequence, it is a key to ease the whole process.

Retail channel

Our proactive sales team in combination with our insightful market intelligence is a crucial factor that contributes Duy Tan reputation. Therefore, the professional sales forces include not only Duy Tan owned resources but also our strategic distributors’ sales representatives.
We have made many milestones with our international and local clients.